We exist to serve Hong Kong’s startup founders/co-founders in their quest to achieve startup success.

Let’s face it: Entrepreneurship is no laughing matter and in fact, three out of four startups failed even in Silicon Valley — whether or not they were venture-backed. While Hong Kong is now the fifth-fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world we recognized the challenge and HK Startup Society was founded to support our local entrepreneurs, risk-takers, innovators and trailblazers. 

Together, we have a singular purpose - to provide vital support on your journey to startup success.

Raising capital, hiring talent and product validation are just some of the challenges encountered by so many startup entrepreneurs. Our invite-only Startup Society members have launched hundreds of businesses, exited more than a dozen, and have failed in excess of a few times. They have all faced the same or similar challenges facing you now. This platform is meant to provide an invaluable collection of resources created by established startup entrepreneurs exclusively for you to benefit from their experience and wisdom. And in true startup product design fashion, it will be launched and updated iteratively and incrementally so we can address your ongoing needs and wants.