"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen."

- Scott Belsky, founder of Behance
Learn from an elite group of the brightest and best startup founders about their successes, and perhaps more importantly, mistakes.

Latest Perspectives

by Michael Young

Individuality is Everything

Is there such a thing as a watch that’s uniquely yours? A truly one-of-a-kind piece that you can own? I couldn’t find it. Not until 2014.

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by Kyle Yeung

An entrepreneur tale – Risking it all to climb the property ladder

After graduating from University, the two co-founders applied for corporate jobs just like most Hong Kong teenagers.

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by Lai Kiu Chan

Promoting Hong Kong’s panoramic content worldwide

EasyVR is an incubated start-up under the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation. The company focuses on creating a public platform to share panoramic content, such as 360-degree panoramic photographs and videos.

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by Daniel Lo

Why Failure Is an Essential Part of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Failure has never been uncommon for me, and it shouldn’t be for any entrepreneur. When I arrived as a young, bright-eyed entrepreneur in Hong Kong, I thought myself prepared.

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Topics: Advertising Services

by Katherine Cheung

Self-directed, 1-on-1, On-demand – It all begins with a question

Once upon a time, I was a math teacher at a tutoring center. As with most one-to-many learning environments, some students inevitably fell behind, and unfortunately, not every student was comfortable with speaking up in class to ask questions. 

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Topics: Education & Training

by Dennis Shi

Redefining the loyalty game for marketers, merchants and customers

Loyalty rewards are an essential part of strategic customer journey planning. Its arguably one of the most sustainable ways in ensuring continued business growth and profit from a marketing perspective.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship

by Mariana Lam

Veteran wine expert bringing innovation and global access to the traditional world of wines

Before founding Wineworld Xplorer, I have been in the wine industry for 12 years since when Hong Kong government abolished wine tax in year 2008. Over the years, I have not only enriched my wine trading experience, but also honed in on my entrepreneurial skills.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Fintech

by Adrien Barthel

Be curious and resilient – An entrepreneur’s journey from Singapore to Hong Kong

Hello! I am Adrien, the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sleek - a corporate services platform founded in Singapore in 2017 that allows entrepreneurs to incorporate their companies in Hong Kong or Singapore, manage its governance and tax/ accounting filing.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Legal Tech

by Chi Hou LOK

Travel fast as an individual, travel further as a group

Since 2013 when we founded Manner, we had almost zero income during the first few years. I personally funded Manner’s operations with earnings from performing magic tricks.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Advertising Services , Entertainment

by Simon Loong

Taking innovations to Hong Kong and beyond

Before founding WeLab, I had been a professional banker for my whole career, which is not uncommon among Hong Kongers.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Fintech

by Chan Seng Wong

TranSwap Story for HKTDC HKStartupSociety

The idea for TranSwap first came to me during the Asian Financial Crisis back in 1997 when I had a US$ currency exposure, and I wanted to hedge it with an FX forward contract.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship

by Ocean Ng

Mapxus Creates Its Own Market of Global Indoor Mapping Needs

John is a professor and co-founder of a tech startup “Maphive” in the field of indoor mapping system. In 2018, Maphive launched a brand new Indoor Mapping Technology and branded as “Mapxus”. Indoor mapping is synced to our future life and next generation, and that’s why the team at Mapxus has started R&D at it since 2013.

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Topics: Co-founder

by Harris Sun

Defying the traditional building inspection industry

Embrace with uncertainty and accept the challenge against the norms and traditions. Let your entrepreneurial spirit continue to fuel your passion and hunger for your idea in the same way that your idea gives life to your entrepreneurial spirit.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship

by Calvin Cheng, CFA

How to save time, and drive more insights for businesses

My digital watch beeped. 12:00 a.m. It flashes, reminding me it is no longer Friday night, and I am starting to spend my Saturday in the office as well.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship

by Alvin Kwock

Why a tech analyst ventured into insurance and 4 takeaways

It was already 10pm, but the emergency room at the Queen Mary Hospital was packed. A broadcast announced: “Patients who have been here since 330pm, please be patient.” A wait of almost seven hours for emergency medical attention!

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Insurance

by Anthony So

Three ways to quash questions from desperate applicants

How to deal with candidates'  relentless questions on their interview progress

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Topics: Human Resources

by Ken Ching

Locobike strikes back - From bike-sharing, to creative workshop and fresh food e-commerce

Locobike's key founders grew up in Tai Po. Unlike in urban areas, bicycles are part of everyday life for residents in the New Territories.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Hardware , Bike-sharing

by Alan Yip

Three Learnings for Companies in Growth Stage

It has always been my honor and privilege to co-found and lead Guru Online, a digital marketing house. In a collaborative endeavor, we have grown from a startup of 4 to a hub of 300 talents.

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Topics: Business Development , Digital Marketing