5 Dec 2019

InnoTech for Branding: How to Brand with Influencer Marketing

The Auditorium, Hall 1B, HKCEC

11:00am - 12:00pm

With the rise of new media and digital platforms in the market, influencer marketing has become one of the key strategies in company branding. The ways of engaging influencers could be very different compared with traditional ways of promotion and advertising. 


How to Build Your Brand with KOLs?

KOL營銷策略 助你展現品牌魅力

  • Mr Matthew Wong - General Manager, VS Media Limited

          黃宇軒先生 - VS Media Limited總經理

Maximising KOL Effect with Analytics

掌握KOL數據 擴大品牌影響力

  • Mr Edwin Wong - Founder & CEO, Cloudbreakr

          王江源先生 - 騰浪科技創辦人及行政總裁