Bespoke banking products and services empowered by Hang Seng Bank

As an ardent supporter of technology development and innovation companies in Hong Kong, Hang Seng Commercial Banking brings you a host of privileged offers for "InnoClub" members, empowering you to take control of your business growth for now and the future!

Exclusive offers include: account opening and loan service, cash management and cross-border banking services.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow if you can repay!
Terms and Conditions apply to offer and services

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Hong Kong’s First Ever Mobile Cheque Deposit Service

As a commercial customer of Hang Seng, SMEs can now deposit cheques 24x7 simply by taking a snapshot of each cheque with the Hang Seng Business Mobile App.

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Be-fitter empowered by ESG Matters

ESG Matters is a Green FinTech company offering digital tools and ESG-as-a-Service, founded by Dr Glenn Frommer.  Its enabling solutions help to achieve relevant SDGs and build resilience to climate change. Their ESG data management system, ESG Dashboard, makes easier data collection and conversion, emissions calculation and carbon audit.

ESG is a very hot topic but what should corporates do to start integrating ESG into their businesses? Be-fitter is an assessment tool, to help companies understand and evaluate their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. It aims to encourage companies to embrace and incorporate sustainability into their business strategies, which is key to stimulating growth and increasing profits. The tool uses ESG data provided by the company to assess various elements, focusing on environmental and social risks.

To encourage corporates to start collecting ESG data, you can now register for an account on be-fitter social to check your performances in the social aspect for FREE. What you will get:

  • Your score benchmarked to an aggregate scale
  • Suggestions on improvement
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