Defying the traditional building inspection industry

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by Harris Sun

The world is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation in many industries through artificial intelligence and big data analytics. From national security to healthcare, these significant deployments have altered the decision making, business models, risk mitigation, and system performance. The revolutionary developments do not only generate substantial economic and social benefits, it also continuously breaks down the laborious tasks into much simpler work. Yet when it comes to building inspection, people always overlook the possibilities of the AI technology in stretching the limits in current data collection and analytic methods. Despite the feasibility and accuracy of machine is sometimes being doubted by the market, we are determined to challenge the norms with our own patented AI-powered automated inspection solution, leveraging IoT, big data, AT and computer vision technology. With our passion in pushing our solution to achieve optimal results by our diverse team consisting of entrepreneurs, professors, PhDs of machine learning, computer vision, senior civil engineers, mechanical engineers and a global R&D team, RaSpect will continue to educate the market and pave its way to be the leading AI-powered inspection company in the world.

Here are some highlights of our innovative solutions:

  1. Lowering risk impose on inspectors
    With our drone inspection solution, the inspectors are no longer required to work at high altitude for a long period, which minimizes the risk of work injury.
  2. Removing regulatory difficulties
    The data collection and analysis via machine is more efficient and effective in supervising large amount of project simultaneously.
  3. Reducing inspection cost
    Different from the traditional inspection, the AI-powered inspection does not require manual selection of detection points and manual operation of measuring instruments, which are usually non-repetitive, high operating costs and low efficiency.
  4. Improving inspector consistency
    The big data analytics is objective and constantly developing along with expansion of data pool, which contribute to the accurate analysis of the inspection results.

Unfortunately, the manner in which AI systems unfold has major implications for society as a whole. It matters how policy issues are addressed, ethical conflicts are reconciled, legal realities are resolved, and the extent of transparency is required in AI and data analytic solutions. Human choices about software development affect the way in which decisions are made and the manner in which they are integrated into organizational routines. Exactly how these processes are executed need to be better understood because they will have substantial impact on the general public soon, and for the foreseeable future. Even with the inevitable obstacles face by our team, we strongly believe that AI will be a revolution in human affairs and become the one of the most influential human innovation in history.

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About the Author

“Be passionate and be embracing with the uncertainty". It is a strong belief of Harris during his entrepreneur journey. Harris Sun, CEO and Founder of RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited, believes in meeting challenges head-on and learning from them. As a serial entrepreneur and insightful leader in innovation, Harris is highly committed to getting things done and creatively solving problems. His passion and zeal for innovation, exploration, and entrepreneurship were recognized both locally and internationally with awards including UN-based World Summit Awards.

Harris graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor's degree in computer science and holds a Master's degree in computer science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His subordinates and colleagues speak highly of him and state that he never hesitates to help his team members whenever the need arises.