What are the main differences between the U.S. and Hong Kong tech startups work cultures?

1 answers 05 DEC 2018

QA Answers

Juliette Gimenez

I haven't worked in nor managed a U.S. tech startup before but I do understand the landscape is very different! U.S. tech startups are much more focused on work-life balance, benefits and flexibility whereas Hong Kong tech startups are more about working smart, speedy, passionately and maximizing the most deliverables with limited resources. I believe some level of this is due to the level of funding, Hong Kong tech startups unfortunately don't get as much funding if comparing with tech startups in the U.S. given the target markets can be totally different and would drastically affect the salary, benefits and all. But at the same time, both work cultures are super hardworking and passionate in my opinion to help the team grow bigger and make the products fly to the max!