What are the some of the most creative startup marketing ideas you have seen?

1 answers 05 DEC 2018

QA Answers

Mike Zhang

Many of the most creative and effective marketing that I have come

across has centered around the thematic combination of the “Three Cs” –Content,

Community, and Commerce. Content drives user acquisition, community is built

around the buzz created by the content, and commerce happens last on the good

will built through great content and a highly-engaged community of users. A few

eCommerce companies that come to mind as having executed this strategy very well

are Huckberry (one of the earliest eCommerce retailers to focus on high-quality

editorial and content/photography first, then commerce second), Goop (high quality

content to build a devout community of consumers centered around wellness and

healthier liv-ing), GoRuck (using community-driven events to sell their core

products), and Thrive Market (delivering high-quality wellness and healthy food

products at affordable prices, with a massive online community of loyal consumers

and health & wellness advocates/influencers).