What are the three biggest painpoints of starting a business you wish you had support with?

1 answers 23 JUL 2019

QA Answers

Gladys Kong

For someone with a tech background like me, the biggest pain points of starting a business I wish I had support with are all administrative tasks:

1. Finding legal counsel I could trust and afford to review all the legal documents for any business deals and give advice before we sign any of them. The last thing a startup wants is to enter a business deal in the early stage that it later regrets. But at the same time it’s not easy to find legal support that’s affordable to an early stage startup.

2. Finding office space and setting it up with furniture, phones and equipment. This problem is mostly solved now with WeWork and similar types of companies out there offering shared office space for startups. It makes starting a company a lot easier now, in my opinion.

3. Setting up payroll and getting health insurance for our employees. This is an area that I never had to deal with when I was an employee and had to learn when I started my own business. My co-founder and I both came from a tech background and wish we could have handed this job to someone else.