When is the best time for me to ask for money for my startup

1 answers 05 DEC 2018

QA Answers

Juliette Gimenez

Anytime! In my opinion there's no "best" time to ask as investors wouldn't be only looking to invest in certain times of the year. I would say as soon as you have a prototype or proof of concept in place, you can start pitching investors like crazy! Meet as many people as you can and join as many startup community events as possible to put your product out there so people can see and feel. We were grateful that we got our seed funding with just a prototype in hand and that was by joining the Rise Conference back in 2016 and we won the IBM competition. Also, I think it's fine to take little steps and make the most with what you have in hand at all times, be it funding or manpower resources or product. With the never-ending passion and passionate heart you won't stop trying hard to deliver the best product as you can and people will surely see the amazing product and getting the community talking about :) that's when you'll start getting the traction and interest from investors to know more about your product and business ideas!