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Latest Perspectives

by Vivek Mohindra

From Trader to Fintech: 2 years in a startup vs 20 years in an IBank

I have been a trader for most of my working life. It’s an exciting job and still a dream for many of the students I meet & teach in HK.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Fintech

by Ming Chan

Why Leaders Need Leaders to Affect Change

If I’ve learned anything from starting my own company , it’s that entrepreneurship starts with an individual’s desire to solve a problem or problems. But as the company grows, one also has to grow into much more than just an entrepreneur.

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by Alvin Lam

4 Steps to Successfully Raising Venture Capital in Hong Kong

When I launched the PacificLink Group in 1998, it started with a love for web design and an ambition to change how businesses can realise their online potential.

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