"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen."

- Scott Belsky, founder of Behance
Learn from an elite group of the brightest and best startup founders about their successes, and perhaps more importantly, mistakes.

Latest Perspectives

by Alvin Kwock

Why a tech analyst ventured into insurance and 4 takeaways

It was already 10pm, but the emergency room at the Queen Mary Hospital was packed. A broadcast announced: “Patients who have been here since 330pm, please be patient.” A wait of almost seven hours for emergency medical attention!

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Insurance

by Anthony So

Three ways to quash questions from desperate applicants

How to deal with candidates'  relentless questions on their interview progress

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Topics: Human Resources

by Ken Ching

Locobike strikes back - From bike-sharing, to creative workshop and fresh food e-commerce

Locobike's key founders grew up in Tai Po. Unlike in urban areas, bicycles are part of everyday life for residents in the New Territories.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Hardware , Bike-sharing

by Alan Yip

Three Learnings for Companies in Growth Stage

It has always been my honor and privilege to co-found and lead Guru Online, a digital marketing house. In a collaborative endeavor, we have grown from a startup of 4 to a hub of 300 talents.

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Topics: Business Development , Digital Marketing

by Lucy Liu

Female entrepreneurship in a fintech startup

If you are using the big banks to run international payments, you probably are spending 4-5% more than you need to. This challenge was the genesis for Airwallex.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Finance & Investment

by Fred Ngan

Who will join you on the Startup battlefield?

Whenever a new colleague joins Bowtie, they will  upload a photo of their favourite hero as their profile picture. This profile picture can  feature a comic book hero or even their family cat.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Hong Kong

by Benny Liu

Advertising strongman takes lead in creating a multimillion-dollar renovation ecosystem

Having worked in online advertising, I have always wondered if I should create something that belongs to myself instead of others.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship

by Fred Ngan

Your experiences shape your achievements

I am an entrepreneur born after the 1980s. Change has remained a fixture in my life since my school years. I have switched schools multiple times during which I repeated a year and skipped grades.

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Topics: Start-up , Insurance

by Eric Gnock Fah

From people of 5 to 20 worldwide offices

While I was travelling in Nepal with Ethan and friends in 2013, we were discouraged that there was little travel booking service.

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Topics: Start-up , Tourism (Travel)

by Raymond Wyand

Should I give my personal data to a startup?

Hong Kong’s startup scene is booming in the recent years, whether you are looking for personal services, like storage, education, repair, travel, banking, biking or business-related offe

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Topics: Start-up

by Vivek Mohindra

From Trader to Fintech: 2 years in a startup vs 20 years in an IBank

I have been a trader for most of my working life. It’s an exciting job and still a dream for many of the students I meet & teach in HK.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , Fintech

by Ming Chan

Why Leaders Need Leaders to Affect Change

If I’ve learned anything from starting my own company , it’s that entrepreneurship starts with an individual’s desire to solve a problem or problems. But as the company grows, one also has to grow into much more than just an entrepreneur.

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by Alvin Lam

4 Steps to Successfully Raising Venture Capital in Hong Kong

When I launched the PacificLink Group in 1998, it started with a love for web design and an ambition to change how businesses can realise their online potential.

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by Harrison Tang

Bootstrapping 101: Why and When to Do It

It’s a nice idea to think everyone launching a startup captures the imagination (and dollars) of the first venture capitalists they pitch, and they all go on to live happily ever after. Of course, that’s usually not the case, and I have found that there is an alternate approach when VC funding is not an option.

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Topics: Capital Funding

by Gladys Kong

How an Engineer can succeed as a Startup CEO

Transitioning from the tech side to the executive suite requires laser focus and no shortage of nuance. From CTO to CEO, let me share with you my experience.

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Topics: Start-up , Engineering Services

by Jeremy Sheperd

Three steps to leveraging your personal brand to build a startup

Years ago while in China, I was drawn to the beauty, mystery and promise of a string of pearls I had uncovered in an exotic market. I developed a passion for pearls, and wanted to educate myself and others more than anything else. I took this passion into a personal brand, and evolved my startup with tangible steps.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship , China , Jewellery

by William Ban

Global entrepreneurship in the on-demand economy

My experience with AirBnb, GoGoVan, DUDE have taken me to many corners of the world. Here is how this global experience shaped me as the CEO I am today.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Operations, Product Development , ASEAN, North America , Logistics & Transport Services, Technology , on-demand

by Daniel Cowen

Transitioning from the corporate world into entrepreneurship

I walked away from the stability of corporate law to help get 3Doodler started and become one of the first 3D products on the market. These are my key takeaways from that experience.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Operations , Hong Kong , Specialised Products, Technology