Promoting Hong Kong’s panoramic content worldwide

by Lai Kiu Chan

EasyVR is an incubated start-up under the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation. The company focuses on creating a public platform to share panoramic content, such as 360-degree panoramic photographs and videos.

My interest in this category can be traced back to 2017, when I curated the Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB). During which, I was exposed to VR glasses and other immersive content. I conducted further research into the technologies as they matched my belief of “using technology to save urban space”. Many years ago, when the 5G era was fast approaching, people were alerted to an era of virtual reality. However, the public’s understanding on virtual reality and 360-degree content remains fixated on expensive VR glasses. While such glasses miraculously deliver realistic surroundings, they also make users dizzy after a prolonged period. Yet terms and ideas like “panorama”, “VR” and “360-degree” are still distant to me.

Is there a way to break this predicament and allow the general public to enjoy quality content from panoramic technology? That is exactly what EasyVR aspires to achieve.

EasyVR ( provides what I feel is the best answer for popularizing high-quality panoramic content. While the technology is  widely used and such a content-sharing platform isn’t the first of its kind, there are few bilingual platforms that support both Chinese and English languages in town. This is precisely an advantage of EasyVR. Moreover, EasyVR also has an extremely streamlined editing system. Users can learn how to drag “hotspots” to their panoramic photos or videos within ten minutes which  means that heavy and expensive VR glasses as well as the sensors are no longer required. EasyVR can support any photographs and videos shot with a 360-degree camera.

The popularization of panoramic content is a challenging process but we are still young. EasyVR’s ultimate goal is to become the equivalent of YouTube in the world of panoramic content and promote quality materials to worldwide audience.


About the Author

Dr. Chan is director of EasyVR, also an architect, designer and artist who bridges the gap between “bricks” and “clicks”. In 2008 to 2014, she was the Director, Design and Project of Hysan Development Co. Ltd, for which she completed Hysan Place and revamped Hysan’s portfolio in Causeway Bay. After leaving Hysan, she co-founded the architectural practice, AMQ which is building the 130m-span Skybridge in HK International Airport, and the multi-disciplinary design firm, arQstudio which integrates technology and multimedia into architecture, interior and products to provide a total experience design solution. She is also qualified by CIC as a BIM Manager in 2019. Before joining Hysan, she was the Design Director of P&T Architects and Engineers, who won numerous local and international design awards for her projects. In 1993, she was the recipient of Hong Kong Young Architect Award.

In 2015, she won Poly U/ HKSTP Techathon for her aTTempspace idea and started her technology ventures. In 2018, the startup graduated from HKSTP incubation program and won CSAD Social Innovation Award. In 2019, she joined EasyVR which is another technology startup incubated by HKSTP. EasyVR is a 360 and VR versatile editing and sharing platform which enables her to create both real and virtual spaces and gamify spatial experience.