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5 Jun 2019

How-to for budding entrepreneurs

Successful start-up executives give tips to aspiring technology pioneers. read more
30 May 2019

Start-ups at medical cutting edge

Innovative tools from three Hong Kong entrepreneurs are fast-tracking diagnosis for dangerous diseases. read more
28 May 2019

Diversity rules among start-ups

Entrepreneur Day featured delivery bots, virtual interior design showrooms and much more. read more
23 May 2019

Start-up focuses on finish line

Mass sporting events provide a treasure-trove of data for brand owners. read more
15 May 2019

Hands-on entrepreneurs in focus

Entrepreneur Day participants are encouraged to tackle problems in clothing, food, housing and transport. read more
14 May 2019

Taking Hong Kong’s Start-Up Best Practices to Emerging Markets

Interview with Lawrence Morgan, CEO of Nest read more
25 Apr 2019

Hong Kong picked as accelerator launch-pad

A London-headquartered fintech hub has an expansive vision for Hong Kong and the Belt and Road. read more
21 Apr 2019

创业快线培育初创企业 商界领袖助力冲出香港

香港贸易发展局举办第二届"创业快线"初创培育计划,协助初创企业建立人脉、开拓市场及提升知名度。凡成立5年以内、核心业务设于香港、集资额低于1,000万美元的初创即可参加,4月8日截止报名。 read more
9 Apr 2019

Hunt is on for InnoStars

Our Hong Kong Foundation puts innovation in spotlight with awards recognising high-achievers. read more
1 Apr 2019

第二屆「創業快綫」啟動 提拔香港初創生力軍

由香港貿易發展局舉辦的初創企業培育計劃「創業快綫」今年踏入第二屆,全方位協助初創企業建立人脈、拓展市場和提升品牌知名度。凡成立五年以內、核心業務設於香港,以及集資額低於1,000萬美元的初創企業,即可報名參加「創業快綫」,截止報名日期為4月8日。 read more
21 Mar 2019

Fast-tracking fintech innovation

Banks put their accelerators in the fast lane as a disruptive industry shake-up looms. read more
13 Mar 2019

Fast-charging pioneer picks Greater Bay Area

An Israeli energy start-up comes to southern China as its technology goes from lab to factory. read more
14 Feb 2019

Start-up hits high note in Hong Kong

A guitarist turns metronome pain into musical inno-tech gain. read more
24 Jan 2019

App Streamlines Tutor Hunt

A Hong Kong start-up gives students instant access to the tutors best suited to their needs. read more
23 Jan 2019

Start-up Takes 3D Printing to Next Level

Innovative technology allows quick, low-cost 3D printing for demanding industrial applications. read more
3 Dec 2018

Volatile Environment Drives Co-working

A shared-space provider sees great potential in Hong Kong. read more
15 Nov 2018

Hi-tech Platform Matches Mamas to Helpers

Homemakers and helpers find the training and hiring process tough; this start-up reaches out to the FDH community to ease the pain. read more
1 Nov 2018

Insurance Start-up Takes on Big Guns

Noting the insurance sector’s slow pace and century-old business model, a banker is seeking to rework the industry. read more
31 Oct 2018

China Chases America’s VC Crown

San Francisco, the traditional home of start-up funding, has already lost its top-spot status to Beijing when it comes to megadeals. read more
25 Oct 2018

Putting Entrepreneurs First

One innovative start-up incubator focuses on potential founders, rather than ideas or teams. read more