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9 Jul 2020

Digital tutoring round the clock

An interactive Q&A learning app from Hong Kong is gaining traction in Asia. read more
2 Jul 2020

E-Day ushers in future present

A keynote event for start-ups tackles the challenges and opportunities brought by COVID-19. read more
24 Jun 2020

Infrared remote-control hub creates smart homes

A Hong Kong start-up offers a household IoT solution to remotely control appliances and cut energy use. read more
23 Jun 2020

Rapid reliable tests vital in virus fight

A Hong Kong genetics start-up has devised a low-cost solution allowing screening for COVID-19 carriers and counts UK football stars among its clientele. read more
16 Jun 2020

Volatile environment favours start-ups

Nimble young firms took a chance to showcase their potential at the third Start-up Express. read more
11 Jun 2020

Agile start-ups take on the world

A development programme nurtures bold entrepreneurs who find creative solutions to 21st-century problems. read more
4 Jun 2020

Who adapts wins

A rapidly changing business landscape offers agile start-ups plenty of opportunities. read more
22 May 2020

Smart water on tap

A start-up seeks to encourage reusable bottle use by supplying drinking water stations in a wide range of venues. read more
15 May 2020

Global digital playground

Children from around the world use this young Hong Kong entrepreneur’s app to learn and have fun together. read more
9 Apr 2020

Entrepreneurs explore green Greater Bay Area

Low costs and proximity to Hong Kong are drawcards bringing start-ups to rural communities in southern Mainland China. read more
8 Apr 2020

Agile start-ups on viral front line

An Israeli venture-capitalist sees entrepreneurs, especially those in East Asia, leading the world out of the crisis. read more
7 Apr 2020

Launch pad for start-ups

This HKTDC programme helps Hong Kong entrepreneurs find partners and customers around the world. read more
6 Apr 2020

Picking start-up winners early

Nimble by definition, entrepreneurs’ firms now expand and gain traction faster than ever, this venture capitalist finds. read more
31 Mar 2020

Express lane for start-ups

Hong Kong entrepreneurs have an opportunity to ramp up their network through the HKTDC’s “Start-up Express” programme. read more
24 Mar 2020

Innovators step up in Hong Kong

As a service centre for a broad spectrum of industries, the city is well placed to take a wide range of new technologies forward. read more
11 Mar 2020

Beat goes on for start-up duo

The COVID-19 outbreak has had little impact on the entrepreneurial synergy between Israel and China. read more
6 Mar 2020

Accessories crafted for millennials

Avocado toast inspired a German entrepreneur’s branding for mid-range fashion accessories. read more
25 Feb 2020

Lifeline for SMEs, start-ups

Hong Kong trade-focused small businesses and networking-dependent start-ups win support from the government. read more
24 Feb 2020

From lab bench to marketplace

As Hong Kong matures into a global innovation hub, many start-ups are moving from basic research and into commercialising their inventions. read more
10 Feb 2020

Roadmaps for SMEs

A consultancy helps companies navigate a rapidly changing business environment. read more