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7 Jan 2021

Healthy hot meals at a distance

A Hong Kong start-up brings the sharing economy into the restaurant business. read more
6 Jan 2021

IPHatch win boosts Greater Bay Area drive

A Hong Kong network programming innovator sets its sights north after winning an open-innovation competition. read more
29 Dec 2020

Hive of apps for that

A Hong Kong start-up integrates instant messaging software to score a Start-up Express win and looks abroad for expansion. read more
5 Nov 2020

Power-sharing finds takers

Hong Kong start-up comes to the aid of phone-users who fear being disempowered on the street. read more
4 Nov 2020

COVID fast-tracks healthcare reform

An online medicine platform puts new meaning on the term ‘house calls’. read more
29 Oct 2020

Ecopreneurs launch disappearing shopping bag

Seeking to cut down on single-use plastics, this start-up’s plastic dissolves in hot water. read more
13 Oct 2020

Start-up ensures happy returns

High return rates for e-commerce transactions create a need for a one-stop processing solution. read more
9 Oct 2020

Clean air in demand

Hong Kong start-up seeks to purge virus from indoor air. read more
6 Oct 2020

Pandemic tests innovators’ mettle

COVID-19 presents Hong Kong’s wide-open economy with both unique challenges and exceptional opportunities. read more
30 Sep 2020

Putting detail into retail

An AI system records shoppers’ movements and actions to improve the efficiency of outlets’ design. read more
30 Sep 2020

Tactile walls

These information screens work both ways. read more
21 Sep 2020

Virus brings smart response

A nimble start-up switches from hardware to software as supply-chain disruptions rattle market for audio communication gadgets. read more
8 Sep 2020

Pressure cooker for talent

Hong Kong’s status as the world’s skyscraper capital reflects the dense concentration of businesses and entrepreneurs in the city, making it the ideal nurturing ground for start-ups. read more
10 Aug 2020

Need for speed in COVID testing

A start-up in Israel is tapping Greater Bay Area resources to develop a re-usable, high-speed device to detect infection by the virus. read more
6 Aug 2020

Cash-flow benefits for SMEs

A Hong Kong fintech start-up has solved a persistent problem for SMEs – sluggish payments. read more
28 Jul 2020

COVID the transformer

As the pandemic transforms businesses across the world, futurist Gerd Leonhard sees ample opportunities for start-ups to thrive in the ‘new normal’. read more
17 Jul 2020

Cannabis oil enters health market

A start-up sees growing demand for a cannabis extract that is getting a shot in the arm from COVID-19. read more
16 Jul 2020

DNA technology fights fish fraud

Mislabelled seafood threatens consumers and the environment – a Hong Kong start-up offers a rapid species identifier to combat the problem. read more
14 Jul 2020

Start-up sector bullish on comeback

Many of the entrepreneurial individuals driving Hong Kong’s start-up sector remain undaunted by recent setbacks. read more
13 Jul 2020

Remote conferencing zooms out

The COVID-19 pandemic drove an overnight transformation of a video-link platform into a social network. read more