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14 Oct 2019

Table-filler app set to expand

This restaurant reservation platform plans to double user numbers and outlets represented over the next 12 months. read more
11 Oct 2019

Health insurance information goes digital

A Hong Kong husband and wife team seek to inform consumers about healthcare – and paying for it. read more
23 Sep 2019

Treating sub-optimal health

A Hong Kong wellness centre bridges the gap between self-diagnosis and a doctor’s clinic by offering solutions to conditions caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or workplace pressure. read more
20 Sep 2019

Brewing up smart teas

A pioneering app-controlled herbal brewer generates bespoke wellness blends at the touch of a button. read more
17 Sep 2019

Where beauty meets sustainability

French cosmetics maker La Bouche Rouge has found Hong Kong to be the perfect market for its eco-friendly lipstick lines. read more
12 Sep 2019

Digital globe-hoppers

A US-based travel comparison site found trip-hungry Hong Kong to be the ideal city for its APAC headquarters. read more
11 Sep 2019

The Greater Bay Area: Educating a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Pioneering MIT Hong Kong operation aims to super-charge the GBA through innovation. read more
3 Sep 2019

A bridge to opportunity

Start-ups find Hong Kong is the perfect place to tap into fast-growing regions, ranging from the Greater Bay Area to the entire APAC. read more
29 Aug 2019

Fun goes global from Hong Kong

Students’ desire for a quick way to share funny moments has spawned a global phenomenon. read more
22 Aug 2019

Hiring tool for gig economy

An innovative solution uses AI to constantly improve matching between those seeking work and potential employers. read more
20 Aug 2019

Start-up on a mission to improve health

A Hong Kong biotech company is partnering with Israeli counterparts to explore the Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. read more
15 Aug 2019

Budgeting for beginners

App makers aim to give children a good grounding in money management by starting from a young age. read more
1 Aug 2019

Matchmaker links corporates to banks

Hong Kong start-up aims to help SMEs find the right banking services at the best price. read more
18 Jul 2019

Hong Kong firm spans virtual globe

This creator of digital worlds sees the city as an ideal home base in the real world. read more
10 Jul 2019

The Greater Bay Area: Interconnected Businesses Boost Collaborations

read more
9 Jul 2019

Taiwan gears for 5G roll-out

The island has high hopes that high-speed mobile protocols will boost local tech industries and reboot smartphone sales. read more
25 Jun 2019

US fintech firm keeps clients close

A high concentration of asset managers was the deciding factor in this firm’s decision to set up its Asia-Pacific base in Hong Kong. read more
24 Jun 2019

Delivering High-End Hong Kong Workspace Solutions in the Emerging Markets

Interview with Todd Liipfert, Global Senior Development Director of The Executive Centre read more
21 Jun 2019

Whey to improve health

Start-up Protelicious is repositioning whey protein powder, usually sold as a gym supplement, for the lifestyle market. read more
12 Jun 2019

Greater Bay Area beckons entrepreneurs

These mentors recommend Hong Kong start-ups take advantage of the opportunities neighbouring centres present. read more