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9 Feb 2023

Self-driven scoops scour waters

A Hong Kong start-up is creating autonomous plastic gathering robot swarms which could clean up the world’s waterways. read more
9 Feb 2023

Pushing the boundaries of design

A group of like-minded Hong Kong architects and designers decided they had something unique to offer the industry. read more
13 Jan 2023

Closing the fintech gap

Demand for innovative solutions and need for profitability and regulatory compliance are pushing fintech firms and incumbents together. read more
23 Dec 2022

Innovation revolutionises port operations

The innovation solutions of Israel’s maritime start-ups from Ashdod Port were highlighted at ALMAC, with Hong Kong’s port appearing on their radar. read more
14 Dec 2022

Sharing economy in toy room

Worries over wasted resources lead two expats to found a toy library for educational playthings. read more
14 Dec 2022

Navigating mature innovation ecosystem

Entrepreneur Day and Start-up Express help innovators adapt to the post-pandemic era, as the nascent technology community comes of age. read more
6 Dec 2022

IP key to industrial revival

Hybrid BIP Asia Forum looks at Hong Kong’s re-industrialisation drive. read more
2 Aug 2021

Hard sell for bubbly start-up

A beverage maker rises to the heavy challenge of bringing light alcoholic fizzy drinks to Hong Kong tipplers. read more
27 Jul 2021

Technology hubs prove their worth

Education turns out to be a key factor in the durability of innovation hubs such as Hong Kong. read more
19 Jul 2021

Tropical tipple comes home

A Hong Kong distillery fuses the traditional spirit with fruit from local orchards. read more
16 Jul 2021

AI gives winning edge

A hotel booking service provider finds its tight focus on technology gives it an advantage over traditionally minded rivals. read more
13 Jul 2021

IoT first-mover eyes GBA market

A Hong Kong healthtech innovator applies IoT technologies to boost the battle against COVID-19. read more
5 Jul 2021

Innovation for art’s sake

An art consultancy seeks to put artists’ clients in the driving seat. read more
2 Jul 2021

Start-ups reach out

No longer niche players, entrepreneurs pitching at the HKTDC’s Start-up Express now represent a broad cross-section of the economy. read more
21 Jun 2021

Taking property digital

A Hong Kong innovation programme is bringing start-up culture to the traditional real-estate industry. read more
18 Jun 2021

Global sustainability network for start-ups

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong can join a thriving innovation ecosystem by plugging into the worldwide UpLink network. read more
16 Jun 2021

Mask maker on virtual fast track

As demand for protective gear leapt early last year, an agile start-up opted to take the e-commerce route. read more
10 Jun 2021

Fresh greens take to cyberspace

A sharp drop in tourism led a vegetable supplier to expand rapidly online. read more
8 Jun 2021

East meets east for start-ups

Hong Kong start-up facilitators offer compelling reasons for entrepreneurs in Russia and eastern Europe to set themselves up in the city. read more
7 Jun 2021

Mobile solution to keep wheels turning

A Hong Kong entrepreneur develops an app to put the city’s drivers in touch with vehicle workshops. read more