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14 May 2018

Reinventing the Bill

A Hong Kong fintech firm is trying to reinvent e-payment, from taxis to Chinese New Year Fairs. read more
2 May 2018

Paths to Success

A campaign wants to help entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and focus on finding solutions. read more
27 Apr 2018

Sharing is Caring

The sharing economy has taken hold in Hong Kong, sparking innovative business ideas that tap the trend. read more
6 Apr 2018

Foods of the Future

Innovative foodpreneurs dish up innovative ideas to feed future diners. read more
3 Apr 2018

Writing the Next Chapter

A Hong Kong-based funding portal is helping female-owned businesses take off. read more
29 Mar 2018

Utah’s Start-up Hub

Hong Kong is waking up to the potential of Silicon Slopes, Utah’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley. read more
28 Mar 2018

Tucking in to Dining Disruption

Savvy start-ups in Hong Kong are spearheading a shared cooking-and-dining movement. read more
27 Mar 2018

All Aboard for Start-up Express

A new HKTDC incubation programme aims to help power start-ups through investment, connections and new markets. read more
26 Mar 2018

Gallery with a Purpose

Looking for business opportunity, Dutch-born entrepreneur Madelon de Grave viewed Hong Kong as her best prospect. read more
19 Mar 2018

Juicing up Asia’s Tech Ecosystem

A Hong Kong start-up is leveraging the shared economy by helping businesses tap target customers. read more
20 Feb 2018

Fashion to Dye for

A Hong Kong start-up is leading the way in sustainable production in the fashion industry. read more
8 Feb 2018

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Mommydaddyme offers a secure children's online platform with social networking and knowledge-sharing capabilities. read more
16 Jan 2018

Building Innovation in the Property Market

Hong Kong’s mature real estate market presents opportunities for an emerging tech sector. read more
11 Jan 2018

Breathe Easy

A Hong Kong-founded start-up has come up with an advanced indoor air toxin sensor. read more
27 Jul 2017

Hong Kong Start-up Trends: Disrupting the Traditional Industries

read more
17 Jul 2017

Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Healthcare Sector

read more
27 Jun 2017

Italian Start-ups Iterate Success in Hong Kong

A new competition has carved a path for Italian start-ups to innovate in Hong Kong. read more
2 May 2017

Start-up Ride

Hong Kong start-up Lumos has developed the world’s first "smart" bike helmet. read more
6 Apr 2017

Young Start-ups Flourish

The number of innovative start-ups in Hong Kong continues to grow as spirited entrepreneurs forge their own career paths. read more
23 Sep 2016

Pioneering Start-ups

Made in Hong Kong Week celebrated the city’s dynamic start-up scene through a series of curated events. read more