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24 Mar 2020

Innovators step up in Hong Kong

As a service centre for a broad spectrum of industries, the city is well placed to take a wide range of new technologies forward. read more
11 Mar 2020

Beat goes on for start-up duo

The COVID-19 outbreak has had little impact on the entrepreneurial synergy between Israel and China. read more
6 Mar 2020

Accessories crafted for millennials

Avocado toast inspired a German entrepreneur’s branding for mid-range fashion accessories. read more
25 Feb 2020

Lifeline for SMEs, start-ups

Hong Kong trade-focused small businesses and networking-dependent start-ups win support from the government. read more
24 Feb 2020

From lab bench to marketplace

As Hong Kong matures into a global innovation hub, many start-ups are moving from basic research and into commercialising their inventions. read more
10 Feb 2020

Roadmaps for SMEs

A consultancy helps companies navigate a rapidly changing business environment. read more
20 Jan 2020

Family-friendly recruitment draws strong demand

A Hong Kong start-up founded by two women from the United States helps high-flying women return to the workplace after having children. read more
14 Jan 2020

Sound solution for the blind

Entrepreneurs from Israel have created a device that turns visual inputs into words. read more
13 Jan 2020

Communicating from the heart

A training, coaching and event consultancy takes a bespoke approach to helping clients put their point across in a poised, confident manner. read more
20 Dec 2019

Fashion goes senior

An award-winning fashion start-up designs fun, funky adaptive clothing to meet the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities. read more
10 Dec 2019

Hengqin Launches Support Programme for Young Hong Kong / Macao Entrepreneurs

read more
7 Nov 2019

Digitised hand-me-downs

Watching her son rapidly outgrow his outfits, a Hong Kong-based fashion buyer switched to sustainable shopping. read more
4 Nov 2019

India in Focus: The Tech Start-up Ecosystem (1)

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28 Oct 2019

VC firm sees golden opportunities

A fund manager entered the Mainland China market on the ground floor to pursue untapped potential. read more
25 Oct 2019

Hong Kong ticks all boxes for social enterprise

Networking opportunities in the city have created an ideal environment for a fair-trade clothing maker. read more
22 Oct 2019

Future on display

The autumn electronics fair offered a glimpse into the homes and offices of the near future – where 5G will rule the roost. read more
21 Oct 2019

Italy celebrates Hong Kong links

The city’s growing Italian community commemorates Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci, half a millennium on. read more
14 Oct 2019

Table-filler app set to expand

This restaurant reservation platform plans to double user numbers and outlets represented over the next 12 months. read more
11 Oct 2019

Health insurance information goes digital

A Hong Kong husband and wife team seek to inform consumers about healthcare – and paying for it. read more
23 Sep 2019

Treating sub-optimal health

A Hong Kong wellness centre bridges the gap between self-diagnosis and a doctor’s clinic by offering solutions to conditions caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or workplace pressure. read more