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5 Jul 2021

Innovation for art’s sake

An art consultancy seeks to put artists’ clients in the driving seat. read more
2 Jul 2021

Start-ups reach out

No longer niche players, entrepreneurs pitching at the HKTDC’s Start-up Express now represent a broad cross-section of the economy. read more
21 Jun 2021

Taking property digital

A Hong Kong innovation programme is bringing start-up culture to the traditional real-estate industry. read more
18 Jun 2021

Global sustainability network for start-ups

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong can join a thriving innovation ecosystem by plugging into the worldwide UpLink network. read more
16 Jun 2021

Mask maker on virtual fast track

As demand for protective gear leapt early last year, an agile start-up opted to take the e-commerce route. read more
10 Jun 2021

Fresh greens take to cyberspace

A sharp drop in tourism led a vegetable supplier to expand rapidly online. read more
8 Jun 2021

East meets east for start-ups

Hong Kong start-up facilitators offer compelling reasons for entrepreneurs in Russia and eastern Europe to set themselves up in the city. read more
7 Jun 2021

Mobile solution to keep wheels turning

A Hong Kong entrepreneur develops an app to put the city’s drivers in touch with vehicle workshops. read more
31 May 2021

Don’t push my buttons

A Hong Kong project removes one potential source of COVID-19 infection – putting your finger on lift buttons. read more
27 May 2021

Chatty robot walks the talk abroad

A Hong Kong-developed educational machine is making forays into overseas markets. read more
24 May 2021

Activating nuts for health food

Queries about wholesome yet tasty snacks alerted a nutritionist to a gap in the market. read more
14 May 2021

Bespoke launch for life

Spotting a niche market for personalised baby and child products, two French expatriates launched an online boutique in Hong Kong. read more
12 May 2021

Oceans of data

Collecting reams of underwater measurements and images is difficult and expensive – a Hong Kong start-up is outsourcing the tasks to robots. read more
11 May 2021

Shucking the world oyster

Helping Hong Kong start-ups go global. read more
10 May 2021

Genes unzipped

A serial entrepreneur turns his mind to the fast-growing business of personalised medical care based on genetic profiles. read more
4 May 2021

Businesses flock to digital platforms

Sites aggregating the full suite of trade finance and logistics services are seen as the way ahead for SMEs. read more
28 Apr 2021

Taking marketing technology to Bay Area

A Hong Kong start-up finds the region the ideal launch pad for expansion. read more
19 Apr 2021

Clear-headed drinks gain traction

Hong Kong becomes a springboard for a fast-growing alcohol-free spirits supplier from Australia. read more
8 Apr 2021

How green is my tally

Putting numbers to the complex question of climate impact. read more
12 Mar 2021

Superhero help on call

A home concierge service calls to mind the stewards of Batman and Ironman. read more