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14 Mar 2022

Web 3.0 becomes hot property

A Hong Kong start-up has developed NFT tokens that will give everyone a stake in the latest iteration of the internet. read more
8 Mar 2022

Innovation tops agenda

As Hong Kong moves forward in an uncertain world, technology is taking centre stage. read more
25 Feb 2022

Self-driven scoops scour waters

A Hong Kong start-up is creating autonomous plastic gathering robot swarms which could clean up the world’s waterways. read more
16 Feb 2022

Cancer clinic comes home

A Hong Kong start-up brings top oncologist services to Mainland China and ASEAN patients through telemedicine. read more
5 Jan 2022

Robots move into human space

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the evolution of robots from single-task factory workers to versatile helpers in hospitals, homes, hospitality venues and offices. read more
14 Dec 2021

Innovation holds the key

As a global hub, Hong Kong quickly feels the impact of changes sweeping the globe and is having to respond nimbly. read more
10 Dec 2021

Banking on innovation

Hang Seng Bank and the HKTDC are co-creating InnoClub to build a sustainable ecosystem for start-ups and SMEs. read more
2 Dec 2021

Global start-up sweet spot

The Greater Bay Area has become a magnet for entrepreneurs from around the world. read more
26 Nov 2021

Wizz through the paperwork

Noting the flood of documents an IPO candidate needs to handle, this Hong Kong start-up is seeking to ease the pain. read more
24 Nov 2021

GBA entrepreneurs bullish

Biotechs lead the hopefuls as start-ups in the massive, fast-growing region expect healthy returns. read more
19 Nov 2021

Hot bento pronto

As office workers seek on-demand hot meals without personal contact, a Hong Kong start-up sets up take-out vending machines. read more
18 Nov 2021

IP flexes value muscle

A leading global professional services firm seeks to accurately value intellectual property assets as global economies shift from industrial to innovative. read more
15 Nov 2021

Coming clean on beauty

A Hong Kong innovator’s ingredient-disclosure app is encouraging the industry to become more transparent. read more
3 Nov 2021

Green solutions

Sustainable development was in focus at a major exhibition on the environment. read more
29 Oct 2021

Diagnosis at a distance

A technology start-up has developed an AI system that allows users to monitor their health simply by digitally scanning their faces. read more
22 Oct 2021

Smart delivery

An innovative Hong Kong express delivery firm has been speeding into the huge ASEAN market and is eyeing a US listing. read more
15 Oct 2021

Busting breast cancer

A Hong Kong company with an innovative breast healthcare solution plans to expand internationally. read more
11 Oct 2021

Start-ups boom in hub city

Entrepreneurs thrive in Hong Kong, boosting the tally of start-ups by nearly 70% over four years. read more
29 Sep 2021

Hong Kong innovator steps into Central Asia

Kazakhstan draws on city’s expertise to improve cancer recovery. read more
27 Sep 2021

Jab draws in one drawer

Martech is roped in to encourage vaccination by putting all the incentives in one place. read more