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17 Jul 2017

Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Healthcare Sector

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27 Jun 2017

Italian Start-ups Iterate Success in Hong Kong

A new competition has carved a path for Italian start-ups to innovate in Hong Kong. read more
2 May 2017

Start-up Ride

Hong Kong start-up Lumos has developed the world’s first "smart" bike helmet. read more
6 Apr 2017

Young Start-ups Flourish

The number of innovative start-ups in Hong Kong continues to grow as spirited entrepreneurs forge their own career paths. read more
23 Sep 2016

Pioneering Start-ups

Made in Hong Kong Week celebrated the city’s dynamic start-up scene through a series of curated events. read more
5 Sep 2016

Where Angels Invest

Hong Kong’s start-ups are thriving on expert advice, support and capital from a budding community of angel investors. read more

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