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3 Nov 2021

Green solutions

Sustainable development was in focus at a major exhibition on the environment. read more
29 Oct 2021

Diagnosis at a distance

A technology start-up has developed an AI system that allows users to monitor their health simply by digitally scanning their faces. read more
22 Oct 2021

Smart delivery

An innovative Hong Kong express delivery firm has been speeding into the huge ASEAN market and is eyeing a US listing. read more
15 Oct 2021

Busting breast cancer

A Hong Kong company with an innovative breast healthcare solution plans to expand internationally. read more
11 Oct 2021

Start-ups boom in hub city

Entrepreneurs thrive in Hong Kong, boosting the tally of start-ups by nearly 70% over four years. read more
29 Sep 2021

Hong Kong innovator steps into Central Asia

Kazakhstan draws on city’s expertise to improve cancer recovery. read more
27 Sep 2021

Jab draws in one drawer

Martech is roped in to encourage vaccination by putting all the incentives in one place. read more
24 Sep 2021

Age no issue for entrepreneurs

Three seasoned professionals zero in AI translation while addressing a key pain point in financial publishing. read more
17 Sep 2021

AI flags up knee osteoarthritis

A Hong Kong start-up has developed a solution to improve knee health by enabling early diagnosis and treatment. read more
13 Sep 2021

Launch-pad for planet

An entrepreneur serving entrepreneurs finds Hong Kong the ideal place to set up and grow a business. read more
2 Sep 2021

Loaves to lager

A green start-up is tackling food waste and keeping bread out of Hong Kong’s landfills by turning surplus baked goods into beer. read more
31 Aug 2021

Robots transform surgery

A UK-based maker of surgical devices looks to expand in Asia with Hong Kong being the first launch market. read more
18 Aug 2021

Online fast-track for SMEs

A fast-growing e-commerce platform that helps small firms plug into the rapidly expanding cross-border e-commerce business shares the latest market trends. read more
10 Aug 2021

Adaptability rules for entrepreneurs

Eastern European entrepreneurs set themselves up in the innovation hub of Hong Kong. read more
9 Aug 2021

Digital-age take on exclusive clubs

Posh clubs are a feature of Hong Kong life and this start-up brings in a fresh, distributed version of the concept. read more
2 Aug 2021

Hard sell for bubbly start-up

A beverage maker rises to the heavy challenge of bringing light alcoholic fizzy drinks to Hong Kong tipplers. read more
27 Jul 2021

Technology hubs prove their worth

Education turns out to be a key factor in the durability of innovation hubs such as Hong Kong. read more
19 Jul 2021

Tropical tipple comes home

A Hong Kong distillery fuses the traditional spirit with fruit from local orchards. read more
16 Jul 2021

AI gives winning edge

A hotel booking service provider finds its tight focus on technology gives it an advantage over traditionally minded rivals. read more
13 Jul 2021

IoT first-mover eyes GBA market

A Hong Kong healthtech innovator applies IoT technologies to boost the battle against COVID-19. read more