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12 Jan 2023

Closing the fintech gap

Demand for innovative solutions and need for profitability and regulatory compliance are pushing fintech firms and incumbents together. read more
28 Dec 2022

Innovation revolutionises port operations

The innovation solutions of Israel’s maritime start-ups from Ashdod Port were highlighted at ALMAC, with Hong Kong’s port appearing on their radar. read more
15 Dec 2022

Sharing economy in toy room

Worries over wasted resources lead two expats to found a toy library for educational playthings. read more
14 Dec 2022

Navigating mature innovation ecosystem

Entrepreneur Day and Start-up Express help innovators adapt to the post-pandemic era, as the nascent technology community comes of age. read more
7 Dec 2022

Cosmetics start-up hits sweet spot

A nail wrap designer has reaped rewards from the HKTDC’s T-box programme and has set its sights on regional expansion. read more
4 Nov 2022

New fitness concept gains ground

Pandemic-driven changes to the fitness and real-estate industries have created a demand for more compact workout spaces. read more
31 Oct 2022

Entrepreneur Day

Industry players from across the world will discuss the development of an international start-up ecosystem. read more
24 Oct 2022

Painting a greener picture

Inspired by insects, a sustainability-focused start-up sees bright prospects on the rooftops of the Greater Bay Area and beyond. read more
21 Oct 2022

Healthcare start-up hits a high note

A medical supply company launched in response to the pandemic found Hong Kong to be the perfect base to grow into a global business. read more
19 Oct 2022

Technology showcase opens for business

The HKTDC’s autumn fairs highlighting the latest innovations ran in the physical-digital EXHIBITION+ format, attracting 9,800 on-site visitors. read more
13 Oct 2022

A safe haven for digital assets

Losing Bitcoin to hackers inspired the founders of a Hong Kong start-up to create a secure wallet for cryptocurrencies. read more
7 Oct 2022

Energy boost raises fertilisation prospects

An innovative Hong Kong start-up is giving women a better chance of conceiving by pepping up ageing eggs. read more
6 Oct 2022

Artists find digital pathway to prosperity

A local start-up is leading the way in using NFTs to connect buyers and sellers of artworks, creating new business opportunities. read more
27 Sep 2022

Distiller crafts feline gin

A start-up has found a ready market for bespoke spirits in Hong Kong and is already expanding overseas. read more
13 Sep 2022

Pandemic brings healthtech innovators to fore

The HKTDC-Hang Seng InnoClub initiative is helping to build up the medical technology infrastructure in Hong Kong. read more
13 Sep 2022

Decoding viral evolution

Studying the genetic give-and-take between humans and viruses has led to a technology that can greatly accelerate vaccine development. read more
2 Sep 2022

Biodegradable mask heralds greener future

New materials developed by a Hong Kong start-up could solve the problem of used face coverings clogging up the city’s landfills. read more
12 Aug 2022

Redefining the meaning of salad

A Hong Kong start-up is delivering an environmentally friendly high-fibre drink that is leading the company towards unicorn status. read more
11 Aug 2022

A new way to promote homemade food

A Hong Kong start-up has developed a platform that improves operational efficiency in getting food delivered to the consumer. read more
10 Aug 2022

A new play on pork

Plugging a gap in the fast-growing meat substitute market won this start-up a place in the HKTDC’s entrepreneurship development programme. read more