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4 Jan 2024

UAE takes lead on fintech

The oil-rich Middle Eastern state has become a cryptocurrency hub as part of its efforts to diversify its economy. read more
11 Dec 2023

IP powers innovation

BIP Asia and E-Day show businesses how IP boosts start-up collaboration. read more
10 Oct 2023

Hot vending machine start-up eyes home of bento

A Hong Kong pioneer in providing restaurant-cooked food in vending machines is gearing up for Japan. read more
13 Sep 2023

NFTs unleash true potential of ticketing and memberships

A Start-up Express winner offers one-stop service for brands and businesses to drive customer engagement and revenue through utility tokens. read more
8 Sep 2023

Taking ESG into public square

A proptech entrepreneur won Start-up Express laurels by creating a regenerative economy through its Zero2 app. read more
6 Jun 2023

Food forensics fight fraud

Hong Kong entrepreneurs use isotope profiles to trace origins of high-end cuisine. read more
29 May 2023

Hong Kong start-ups go global

A local design incubation programme is helping to cultivate talent in the artistic and cultural industries. read more
29 May 2023

Robots tackle herculean task

An HKUST innovation programme is tapping into a growing market for autonomous vehicles. read more
29 May 2023

AI spots flaws in floors

A Start-up Express laureate speeds up building inspection. read more
23 May 2023

A new play on pork

Plugging a gap in the fast-growing meat substitute market won this start-up a place in the HKTDC’s entrepreneurship development programme. read more
23 May 2023

A new way to promote homemade food

A Hong Kong start-up has developed a platform that improves operational efficiency in getting food delivered to the consumer. read more
23 May 2023

Decoding viral evolution

Studying the genetic give-and-take between humans and viruses has led to a technology that can greatly accelerate vaccine development. read more
23 May 2023

Pandemic brings healthtech innovators to fore

The HKTDC-Hang Seng InnoClub initiative is helping to build up the medical technology infrastructure in Hong Kong. read more
23 May 2023

Energy boost raises fertilisation prospects

An innovative Hong Kong start-up is giving women a better chance of conceiving by pepping up ageing eggs. read more
22 May 2023

Cloud lining for supply chain disruptions

An Israel-based SaaS system developer is drawing on investment from Hong Kong to expand in the region as hardware sourcing difficulties boost demand. read more
22 May 2023

Hong Kong innovator steps into Central Asia

Kazakhstan draws on city’s expertise to improve cancer recovery. read more
22 May 2023

Where there’s a will

Many people find the idea of writing a will daunting, but a Hong Kong start-up offers a digital solution that makes the whole process easier. read more
19 May 2023

Painting a greener picture

Inspired by insects, a sustainability-focused start-up sees bright prospects on the rooftops of the Greater Bay Area and beyond. read more
12 Apr 2023

Inaugural InnoEX launches

Global technology achievers converge at three tech fairs, unlocking trends and helping enterprises stay ahead of the curve. read more
6 Apr 2023

Innovation tops agenda

As Hong Kong moves forward in an uncertain world, technology is taking centre stage. read more