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Hi-tech Platform Matches Mamas to Helpers

Homemakers and helpers find the training and hiring process tough; this start-up reaches out to the FDH community to ease the pain. read more

Insurance Start-up Takes on Big Guns

Noting the insurance sector’s slow pace and century-old business model, a banker is seeking to rework the industry. read more

China Chases America’s VC Crown

San Francisco, the traditional home of start-up funding, has already lost its top-spot status to Beijing when it comes to megadeals. read more

Putting Entrepreneurs First

One innovative start-up incubator focuses on potential founders, rather than ideas or teams. read more

Painless Client Onboarding

Fintech start-up Veridate digitises the life cycle of the client onboarding process for greater efficiencies within firms. read more

Start-up Express: A Journey to Success

read more

Co-living Solves Millennial Home Blues

A Singapore firm buys into a share-home start-up in Hong Kong as the massive potential market beckons. read more

Start-up Express Winners Build Networks

Business leaders give invaluable guidance to incubation programme laureates. read more

Expat Duo Take Start-up Plunge with Trip Guru

Service offering trips to off-the-beaten-track sites draws attention from a wide range of investors, including venture capital, family offices and angels. read more

Beauty and the Entrepreneur

Living with a skin disorder, an Australian-born Hong Kong entrepreneur turned her quest to overcome the challenge into a business and created a beauty and wellness venture. read more

Gardens in the Air

A new project is helping citizens enjoy the fun of gardening in the middle of skyscrapers in Hong Kong. read more

Long Live the Cake

The Founder of Vive Cake Boutique shares her journey to creating innovative, delicious and heathy desserts. read more

Work, Rest and Play

A new co-working space inside a five-star hotel opens up a new segment in a thriving market. read more

Recipe for Success

An online platform about cooking is expanding fast, thanks to the enterprising spirit of its Hong Kong founder. read more

Thinking outside the Box

Two French ladies have a found a way to scale up their new venture by dressing up Hong Kong’s gentlemen with innovation. read more

Delivering the Goods of the Future

Four young people want to turn letter boxes into secure lockers where you can receive anything from online shopping to laundry. read more

Fintech Goes Bionic

A Hong Kong-based fintech start-up aims to scale up through an accelerator programme. read more

Scaling up through Hong Kong

Start-ups in Entrepreneur Day are capitalising on Hong Kong’s robust start-up ecosystem to innovate and launch solutions that aim to change the world. read more

Optimising Spaces

The shared economy idea has moved to the office rental market in a city that seems to be always short of space. read more

Wired to Win

The CEO and founder of Silicon Valley's BootUP Ventures explains what it takes to succeed in today’s start-up culture. read more